Bill Frist Takeaways

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At this year’s NIC (National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry) Conference I was provided an opportunity to speak on a panel with Clint Malin, of LTC Properties REIT, on using market intelligence for predictive modeling purposes.

Due to our history with the NIC, the president and CEO Bob Kramer invited me to eat with the legendary Senator Bill Frist, who is a world-class surgeon, former senate majority leader, Modern Healthcare’s second-most influential leader, a Harvard alum, son of HCA founder Dr. Thomas Frist, great father and so on. And, he is considered to be one the preeminent healthcare thought leaders in the world. At lunch, Senator Frist actually knew quite a bit about the Signature Revolution because of our deep Tennessee roots and the recent Bordeaux partnership with the city of Nashville, where Senator Frist has deep roots for decades.

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Could You Do It?

Steier Family with Aaron Ralston.JPG

This past week, my family and I had a chance to spend some time with Aron Ralston when he came to town.

Now, your first response might be, “Who?”

But he is one of the most famous survivors in U.S. history because he was the young man who had to cut off his own arm with a butter knife, after 127 hours pinned deep in a Utah cavern, with no chance of ever being found! I remember like yesterday when the national news broke back in 2003 because it just made all of us think, “What? Could I? That is crazy!” Some questioned the story, but it was the absolute truth!

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Our First Lifetime Achievement Award At The Revolution

Linda Howe-WEB-9021

Why do all great things have to come to end? That was my thought this past year as a recurring quiet reflection because Linda and I never really wanted to talk about it.  It made our last full-time year together hard for both of us because our eyes always watered up and we would try to find something easier to talk about knowing it was around the corner.

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Why Every City Needs Chicago’s 1871


I heard about the famed incubator named 1871 two dozen times over the past five years, but to work a full day at the location makes you rethink everything about organizational culture. We might have iHub in Louisville, but this is the real deal.

Recently, I accepted a Board of Directors role with one of the hottest healthcare startups anywhere in the U.S. The company, Caremerge, has won many awards and gained brand notoriety as a great example of the future of open-source, cloud-based, nimble startups. They have one of the first patient-engagement, care-coordination, cloud-based HIPAA solutions that is taking off very quickly.

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What Is Better Than Homemade Cards From The Kids For Thanksgiving?


This year was different in many ways. Personally, I remember being in high school three decades ago and stopping by Klondike Manor as a volunteer on a Thanksgiving holiday just to make sure no one was alone on that painful day for our elders.  But now my kids really have this down.

First, they were up early making homemade cards  led by Jackie, my creative daughter. She developed an assembly card production system with Luke drawing a pretty rough turkey, Ava telling them she loved them in pencil, our au pair, Victor, adding standard greetings, and me adding pictures of crosses and football pictures – these were no masterpieces, but we made a hundred in a few hours and off we went.

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What We Learn When We Lose Two Revolutionary Partners That We All Love

This morning we are heading to “celebrate the life” of two of Signature’s most accomplished and patient leaders who passed away last week within 24 hours of each other.  These moments are challenging because my mind drifts to three emotional themes – What is personal legacy really about? Why do we grieve so hard when we know where they are both headed?  How do you replace two of the best peers that you have ever worked with?

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Dr. Lee HEN Talk Is Perfect Timing

Dr. Lee

We drew a bigger crowd when Lee Cockerell came to give us a soft talk about how Disney customer service can transform your healthcare organization, which really ended up being more about marriage and wellness advice, than when one of the preeminent and most respected healthcare policy and medical pioneers in the country, Dr. Thomas Lee, came to town late last week.

Dr. Lee was a great selection by the Health Enterprises Network because he helped created ‘Romneycare,’ making Massachusetts the first state in the U.S. with a universal health insurance program. Dr. Lee, along with the famed Michael Porter, also just co-authored the largest-ever Harvard Business Review article on transforming healthcare to a more patient-centered, value-driven model – a ‘must read’ for all HC organizational leaders. He designed change, lived through it, and now wants to help you change your mental modes.

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