The Largest Hall of Fame Ceremony in the World!

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This week, the Signature Revolution continues to break elder care world records.

We recently helped establish a new Guinness World Record for ‘Longest High-Five Chain’ in the world when SHC of Terre Haute residents and stakeholders joined the community for the United Way’s ‘High Five Campaign for Every Child.’

And last week, the most senior athletes in the world competed in regional Senior Olympics events ranging from Tampa to Tennessee to Louisville, where hundreds and hundreds of elder athletes competed to win team championships and prestigious medals with cheering crowds.

But this week is even bigger.

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Gulfport: Amazing Story


Rarely in our lifetimes do we get the chance to bring something back to life.

We may ‘add to’ life as we contribute to our divine purpose. Maybe a few times we ‘co-create life,’ as parents. But to bring it back or restore it like Elijah, the great prophet, did in the Old Testament when he resurrected the young boy of the widow, is a miracle to truly celebrate.

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Becoming a CNA: A Pivotal Moment

Being a CNA is something we all should do to make us see the world through a new lens. I think about all the possible inflection points in life that really change how we view the world. My mind races through life events – getting your first paycheck, getting a degree, your first residence that is truly yours, losing a loved one close to you, making your parents proud, holding your child, seeing the ocean, etc.

But on my life’s reflection, becoming a CNA ranks up there among my life-changing events. ‘Why?’ you may ask. The nerves I felt walking in my first resident room, the fear and anxiety of failing to deliver great patient care, the exhaustion upon completing my shift knowing both mentally and physically, I had nothing else to give. It was also the crossing into someone else’s intimate world and trying to earn their trust, the classes that helped me realize just how much each CNA knows and the sense of private pride and joy when I did great work.

I felt both God and my deceased parents were watching over me, knowing I was doing God’s work like they both aspired to do.

Unveiling Our New Healthcare Tree Of Life


If you ever doubt the Kevin Bacon “six degrees of separation” theory, you just need to sit in a packed lobby in the coolest building in our city (known as Nucleus), and get ready to unveil the Health Enterprises Network Family Tree of Health-Related Companies.

The magical intersections are everywhere and as Malcolm Gladwell contends, you realize no one was really, truly self-made, because we all had unique opportunities. In Louisville, the original healthcare pioneers gave us a rewarding and deeply meaningful career path from day one. I stood there knowing it was only possible because of healthcare giants like Wendell Cherry, David Jones, Hank Wagner and so many others.

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Bill Frist Takeaways

photo 2

At this year’s NIC (National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry) Conference I was provided an opportunity to speak on a panel with Clint Malin, of LTC Properties REIT, on using market intelligence for predictive modeling purposes.

Due to our history with the NIC, the president and CEO Bob Kramer invited me to eat with the legendary Senator Bill Frist, who is a world-class surgeon, former senate majority leader, Modern Healthcare’s second-most influential leader, a Harvard alum, son of HCA founder Dr. Thomas Frist, great father and so on. And, he is considered to be one the preeminent healthcare thought leaders in the world. At lunch, Senator Frist actually knew quite a bit about the Signature Revolution because of our deep Tennessee roots and the recent Bordeaux partnership with the city of Nashville, where Senator Frist has deep roots for decades.

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Could You Do It?

Steier Family with Aaron Ralston.JPG

This past week, my family and I had a chance to spend some time with Aron Ralston when he came to town.

Now, your first response might be, “Who?”

But he is one of the most famous survivors in U.S. history because he was the young man who had to cut off his own arm with a butter knife, after 127 hours pinned deep in a Utah cavern, with no chance of ever being found! I remember like yesterday when the national news broke back in 2003 because it just made all of us think, “What? Could I? That is crazy!” Some questioned the story, but it was the absolute truth!

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