The Largest Hall of Fame Ceremony in the World!

Oct 5th 2014

We recently helped establish a new Guinness World Record for ‘Longest High-Five Chain’ in the world when SHC of Terre Haute residents and stakeholders joined the community for the United Way’s ‘High Five Campaign for Every Child.’
And last week, the most senior athletes in the world competed in regional Senior Olympics events ranging from Tampa to Tennessee to Louisville, where hundreds and hundreds of elder athletes competed to win team championships and prestigious medals with cheering crowds!

But this week is even bigger.

I remember the first Hall of Fame ceremony in the Revolution’s long history. It was a decade ago when, on a bar napkin, we drew up a plan to have an annual gala at each center to celebrate life achievement, and contributions to leadership and service in every community we served. The initial concept came after nearly six months on the road working with centers and meeting residents who blew my mind. These were early NASA pioneers, war heroes, first-of-a-kind women who broke societal barriers for the first time, or leaders who built our towns. It made me realize how defining these residents were, and that we needed to capture the stories, stop and celebrate the accomplishments, and record the amazing bodies of work or we would have missed something that we needed to understand, appreciate and grow from. We needed to try to be more heroic and more service-minded, like our elders.
So this week we go from a small celebration with five initial inductees and nearly 100 people to the largest synchronized Hall of Fame induction ceremony anywhere in the world, a national event where over 100 campuses in nine states and thousands of people join to induct nearly 350 of the greatest elders in the world – which may say as much about our generation as theirs.

Review the inductees and believe in what this group gave to our country, our arts and our communities. This is our small way to say ‘thanks’ for letting us be part of their lives.

I hope Guinness will recognize the Revolution in again!

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